How to use Bollinger Bands

Therefore, the Bands show the volatility of the price in relation to the average, and traders can expect movements in price anywhere between the two bands. Forex traders can use the bands to place sell orders at the upper band limit and buy orders at the lower band limit. This strategy works well with currencies […]

How much is 1 pound of gold worth?

Americium is a transuranic member of the actinide series, in the periodic table located under the lanthanide element europium, and thus by analogy was named after the Americas. Gold gemstone jewelry often has special meaning for its wearer. For example, a gold ring can symbolize eternal love, while a gold necklace can represent strength and […]

What the Alphabet Stock Split Means for Google Investors

Perhaps even more impressive was that revenue for the full year jumped 41%. At the same time, Alphabet’s quarterly operating margin ticked higher to 29%, up from 28% in the year-ago quarter. This resulted in net income of $20.6 billion and earnings per share (EPS) of $30.69, which surged 38%. This is a huge increase […]

What Is Dap Fertilizer

Dap fertilizer, scientifically known as diammonium phosphate, is pivotal in modern agriculture due to its noteworthy benefits. Comprising nitrogen and phosphorus, this fertilizer offers a balanced nutrient blend crucial for plant growth and development. Its well-defined composition ensures efficient absorption, leading to enhanced crop yield. The balanced nutrient composition of NPK fertilizers makes them […]